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Risk Advisory Management Assurance

Internal and Management Audits (Risk & Objective Based)

Risk based Internal & Management Audits with focus on process flow, root cause analysis and practical recommendations. Identify process improvement opportunities and use of control rating indices for evaluating and benchmarking overall internal control system, to assist in managing the Internal Audit activities on a fully outsourced or on co-sourcing basis. Our Internal Audit services are focused towards:

  • Improving organization’s overall governance, risk management and internal controls
  • Providing insight based on analyses and assessments of information, data and business
  • Processes through extensive use of advance audit tools and technologies
  • Adding value through our practically implementable solutions (with greater focus on IT /ERP system) to reduce costs and improve efficiencies
  • Assistance in implementation of Audit Recommendations through constructive dialogues, regular follow-up with process owners and interactive reports
  • Committed to integrity and accountability, our objective is to add value to senior management as an independent source of advice
Business Process Review and Re-engineering

Review of existing processes and internal controls helps in identifying gaps. Assist Management in objectively reengineering the business processes. Our team to execute niche consulting assignments on Business Process Re-engineering (BPR). Our BPR projects are structured to optimize end-to- end business processes thorough in-depth study / understanding of existing processes, walk-through of live transactions and activities in ERP systems as well as on the floors and data analytics.


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are the backbone of the business processes, so is the critical component of organization’s overall Goverance, Risk and Control framework. We are having a wide exposure in designing and documenting SOP for various large and mid-size corporates across industries.

Although, our SOP documents are customized depending upon the needs of the organizations, however, we ensures designing interactive, crisp and task-oriented documents to help the users to perform their tasks and duties efficiently & effectively.

Our process of designing SOPs ensures constructive involvement of Process Owners and their team, this approach helps in getting quick buy-in from the execution team and swift implementation of laid down procedures.

Fraud Detection & Investigation

Fraud Risk Management & Assessments

To assist management in assessing, improving and monitoring internal control structure with Fraud Risk Management. We help organisations create an FRM framework as a component of their overall risk management strategies, with the framework including various policies, procedures, tools and mechanisms for prevention, detection and investigation of fraud.

One of the greatest requirements of modern times is to understand the risks and increase the preparedness and ability to nip fraud and wrongdoing in the early stages. Fraud risk assessment expands upon traditional risk assessment, it is scheme and scenario based rather than based on control risk or inherent risk.

Our approach to assessment includes:

  • Evaluation of fraud risk factors and identify possible fraud schemes / scenarios.
  • Prioritization of identified fraud risks
  • Evaluating whether mitigating controls exist or are effective
  • Documenting the risk assessment process & conclusions
  • Conducting periodic reviews and updates
Forensics Audits

During corporate fraud investigation assignments, need based assistance is also taken from the several experts as may be required like for background check, preliminary surveillance, digital forensic, legal expert, hand writing expert, data authentication and laboratory reports etc.

Corporate Laws Advisory

To deliver realistic and business oriented solutions to the procedural, regulatory and other compliance related issues. Our advisories are based on practical approach, experience in corporate legal issues and experience of dealing with the authorities/regulators.

We are equipped to take care of all the requirements of a Body Corporate under Company as well as Securities laws. Our scope of services includes:

  • Obtaining regulatory approvals for various corporate actions.
  • Corporate Compliance Management
  • Regulatory Approvals and Compounding
  • Inspection and Investigation
  • Secretarial compliances under Companies Act and other tax and securities laws
  • Preparation and maintenance of statutory records and registers

Direct Taxation Advisory

Domestic Tax Compliances
  • Compliance handholding including preparation and filing of Income Tax, Wealth Tax, TDS returns.
  • Tax Planning for all entities & HNI’s advising on Advance Tax payments
Representations and Litigation and Planning
  • Representation for Assessments, Transfer Pricing, Appeals, Refunds and other matters.
  • Handling Litigations and Appearing before Appellate Authorities
  • Opinions for complex representations, litigation & planning matters.
Cross Border Taxation
  • Compliance handholding including Advising & Representation for withholding Tax Liability
  • End to end advisory servicesfor :-

    Cross border tax structuring and planning, India Entry strategy, Constitution of branch / liaison office, Profit repatriation, Tax Treaties Evaluation for applicability, Taxability and Reliefs and resolving uncertain tax positions.

Transfer Pricing
  • Transfer Pricing studies and planning
  • Documentation Advisory & Implementation
  • Reporting
  • Representation before various authorities.

Indirect Taxation Advisory

Compliance Services and Audits
  • Compliances handholding including Registration, Payment of duties & taxes, Preparation and filing of returns etc.
  • Conducting audits as per the requirement of the statute or compliance audits / Due Diligence Check as per the needs of the clients.
Representations, Litigation and Opinions
  • Representation for Assessments, Appeals, Refunds and other matters.
  • Handling Litigations and Appearing before Appellate Authorities.
  • Opinions for complex representation, litigation and planning matter.
Planning and Transaction Structuring
  • Structuring Transaction, Agreement or Contracts to Optimize incidence of Indirect Tax.
  • Advice on proper Classification, Valuation, Applicability of Taxes on Transactions in reference to Benefits / Exemptions.
Advisory and Consultation
  • Advisory Service relating to SEZ / EOU / STP / HTP / FTZ and assisting on other Issues related to Customs Duty and Foreign Trade Policy
  • Assistance for Advance Ruling and Imparting knowledge to cope up with the implementation process of proposed GST.